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The Teak’s full-scale Interior design engagements will completely transform existing spaces or create new ones from the ground up. Our Creative Director, Agota, draws inspiration from the client’s cultural heritage, ancestry, personal collections, and life stories. She infuses this rich history into her eclectic signature layered design aesthetic to bring to life her client’s journeys and express their lives well-lived. With over 15+ years of experience in commercial, residential, and hospitality projects globally, our team will guide you through all aspects of the interior design process including design, space planning, construction, sourcing, and project management. We love working with seasoned real estate pros as well as first-time homeowners. 




Styling by The Teak helps you create luxurious, inviting interiors that turn your vacation or rental property into a top, sought-after destination. The Teak Styling helps you make the most of your space within your available budget and schedule. Artfully curated with pieces that you keep and enhanced with simple, low-cost improvements like paint and lighting. We design investment properties and temporary homes that make a wide variety of people feel comfortable, making for memorable guest experiences.





Need a little help refreshing your space and infusing it with new life without spending a lot of time and money? The Teak Improvements is just what you need for cosmetic enhancements that deliver a low-effort, low-stress facelift for your space. We provide spot consultations to help choose new lighting for your kitchen, select a color to turn your bedroom into your sanctuary, curate your personal objects or source pieces to enhance your collection and so much more.





Staging with The Teak will sell your home faster and attract more bids. We bring your property’s unique story to life in a way that draws buyers in and helps them imagine themselves in their new home. We curate an eclectic mix of pieces in an inviting style that’s depersonalized without being sterile or generic to speak to the broadest possible audience.




The Teak is a full service agency with an offering to meet all your interior design needs from design and styling to improvements and staging. At The Teak, we believe that home is where your story lives. Our work weaves together furniture, art and accessories into timeless three-dimensional storyscapes. We create tapestries rich with elemental materials and layered textures that turn interior spaces into living tableaus for personal storytelling. Each object in these spaces a source of curiosity and a spark for conversation. Spaces where we share our lives well-lived with those we love.


Like a fingerprint, each interior we design is as unique as its occupants. We create experiences for our clients that reflect their individual personalities.

Our Creative Director, Agota Krapavickaite, draws inspiration from the client’s cultural heritage, ancestry, personal collections and life stories and infuses this rich history into her eclectic signature layered design aesthetic to bring to life our client’s journeys and express their lives well-lived. We bring personal stories to life, beautifully infused with The Teak’s signature design aesthetic. 

Our team brings global sensibilities, passion, creativity and unparalleled resourcefulness to bear on every project, large or small. We would love to help you tell your personal story through interior design.


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